5 Everyday Items Every Man Should Have On Him

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In olden days, no gentleman would be caught in polite company without a handkerchief to proffer to a swooning young lady (no doubt breathless due to the attentions of said male…or the restrictions of a very tight corset). Today, most men are laden with the same items as the next guy at the urinal or in the elevator: a wallet, keys, and the all-important cell phone, all wearing those telltale bulges in pockets front and back. And while guys certainly don’t enjoy the same amount of storage space as a woman lugging one of the gargantuan purses that seem to have come into vogue (they look like a Samsonite but cost three times as much), there are still a few items that every fashionable and sensible male should keep on his person at all times. Go to the next page to see what 5 items we suggest every man should always carry. 

1. A Watch. Sure, you have your cell phone to see the time, but do you really want to be fumbling through your pockets when that cute girl at the lunch counter asks the time? Furthermore, men just don’t have the same options for accessorizing as women, so take advantage of the one item of “jewelry” that is made just for you (and actually has built-in functionality) to show off your sense of style and sophistication.

2. A Pocket Knife. There are many situations in which an all-purpose utility knife, such as a Swiss Army Knife, could come in handy (survival situations notwithstanding). Keep one on your person in case of loose screws, broken can-tabs, a lack of scissors, hangnails, or a sudden desire to whittle. They are also useful in those rare situations when you actually need a knife.

3. A Briefcase or Messenger Bag. It’s not a man-purse, fellas. There are plenty of masculine options out there that will allow you to carry all of your daily necessities without looking like a girl. If you just can’t find one that suits you, opt instead for a backpack or gym bag. Hey, maybe it will even prompt you to actually go to the gym!

4. A Condom. This one is pretty self-explanatory, especially if you’ve found yourself playing wingman without one (whether it’s for you or your drunken friend, you’ll be glad the next day when you wake up coyote-ugly style and don’t have to make yet another trip to the clinic). A couple of tips on carrying this item regularly: if you have a significant other using another form of birth control, it can still come in handy “just in case”, and you should be sure to keep it in a place that is cool (not your wallet!) and replace it frequently to avoid…complications.

5. Cash. We live in a time when credit is accepted (and expected) just about everywhere. However, you don’t want to be the douche bag that doesn’t throw in a tip or can’t muster the cash to pay a parking attendant. So keep some emergency moola on hand at all times to ensure that you don’t end up in a “cash only” situation that requires your girlfriend, buddy, or co-worker to foot the bill.

By Carol Montrose, a writer for Online MBA Rankings where you can browse the top online MBA programs.


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