Anne-Marie Martinez on Pinstripe Magazine

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Anne-Marie Martinez's unique talent and modern vision for way of living have fueled her rise as leading event planner and Go-To Girl for the rich and famous in New York City, and now she is here on Pinstripe Magazine as the new voice of event luxury. Anne-Marie will tell us what's hot, where to go, where she will be and cover her parties on a weekly basis for our Pinstripe readers.  

Of Colombian, Italian and Irish decent, Anne-Marie Martinez was born and raised in Queens, NY. She has successfully been able to mix her glamorous, edgy and classy ways and bring them into an A-list and taste-making world with some of the most influential people in her industry. Having lived in Ibiza, Spain and traveled throughout South America, Anne-Marie has been able to achieve a diversified influence to the entertainment and lifestyle industry. Now, see her every week here on Pinstripe so you too can get a taste of what it is to live a glamorous life in NYC. 


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