Are Men in their 30’s Less Hip?

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Guys, are we men in our 30's getting less hip? I mean I don't think I'm old but there are signs that I'm getting old.
So a few days ago, I was hanging out with a group of guys I had just met and one of them asked me if I was in my late twenties and I was like yup without thinking but I sure did hear the question. However for a day I wanted to be in my 20's again. I mean I do remember celebrating my 30th birthday years ago since it was a blast but don't remember celebrating any of my late 20's birthday like my 30th. So I have to think carefully with my response above. Do I say I'm the older one in this crowd of 20 year olds or do I keep going and say I'm in my late 20s probably 28?   
I recall in my earlier years I always wanted to be older or look older, thinking it would make me appear to be more mature but now I'm like fuck that I want to look young and act like a kid because who cares if I appear to look mature or not. However, there are some times I do wonder how I would look like when I'm in my 40's, but that can wait!
So, here I am talking to these guys and I'm thinking to myself, these guys are pretty mature for being in their 20's but wow look how young and fit they look, which then makes me realize it's also time to hit the gym hardcore. This makes me ask one of the guys, "how many days and hours do you work out a week?" My friend tells me every day. Then we start talking about how much grey hair we all have and not only in our heads. We also shared how there is now hair in our ears and nose we never thought about before. As the conversation goes on, I find out one of the guys is actually married so I'm surprised. I then find out one of the other guys has two kids. So now I'm thinking wow these guys did all this so young and here I am single with no kids. Am I hipper than them or are they because they are young and settled?
I get another beer and a different waiter serves us and asked me for ID. I'm really happy that happened, which to me means I could probably pass for an even younger 20 year old. However, every time I do shave I look way younger than I do with my beard. I think if I would have had my beard that day, I wouldn't have gotten carded and the guys would have known I'm really in my 30's with all the grey in my beard.
Anyway, so now everyone is bringing out their ID's and the waiter goes to one of the guys, "WOW, you look amazing for your age!" I look confuse and am now curious. I mean I know one of the guys is in his 20's. Now I'm thinking how old are these other guys? Well it turned out the guy that is married is 42, the guy with kids is 36 and some of the other guys are also in their 30's and only two of the guys hanging out with us are in their 20's.
I'm only in my mid 30's so to me, the older guys now look hipper than me since they are dressed fly, look young, are young hearted are are real successful, married or have kids. What do you guys think, do we men in our 30's need to act more mature and be less hip, do both or not care about being hip anymore? Let us know what you think and feel free to share your stories.


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