Up in The Air: How to Fly Right

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Up in The Air: How to Fly Right
Not everyone can live off a suitcase, like George Clooney in the movie
Up in the Air
. But choosing and packing the right tools for your suitcase will make your travel better. Whether an occasional trip or on a frequent flyer program, your travel does not need more than five essential items in your packing list. Traveling light and easy, especially in a business travel, can help you to avoid checking in a bag, even in extended trips.

The essentials of traveling have morphed from earlier days. The difference now is the difference between a cassette and an iPod. With people’s pace growing faster day-by-day, it is essential to get your things organized before your trip, whether day or extended. So, here are the five essentials that you definitely need in your trip, which will take care of your business, hunger, boredom, and your social life.

Up in The Air: How to Fly Right
Stay connected:
Connectivity is the key word here. Whether on social network with friends or interacting with your client, connectivity is important. You can have laptops, and smartphones, but if you cannot get connected to an Internet when you are traveling, these are pretty much useless. That’s where a MiFi will save your day. It is a small portable wireless device that combines the functions of a modem, router and access point. In short, it lets you stay connected. A MiFi can even bring down your hotel Internet expenses, and imagine you never ever have to wait in line for the connection at Starbucks.

Stay focused and relaxed: No traveling is complete without a book in hand. Magazines, in fact, are handy tools during travel. While a business magazine lets you stay focused on your work and what’s happening in the business world around you, a magazine like Maxim lets you take the heat off and relax. If you are a frequent traveler, you can even get magazine subscriptions for a magazine of your choice to kill the boredom that any travel may impose on you.

Up in The Air: How to Fly Right
Up in The Air: How to Fly Right

Snack right: Nothing can get you going like a protein bar. Whether on a long flight or in a business meeting turned hectic, a protein bar can give you energy until you spot your next meal. Protein bars are healthy snacks that will also help you to stay away from junk foods.

Boost your energy: Take a cup of coffee and add to it Vitamin B3, B6, B12, folic acid, sodium, and a medley of energy blends like berry, lime, orange, citrus, grape and pomegranate, and no added sugar. What do you get: A concoction of high energy. Constant traveling can upset your body rhythm and sleep patterns. If you don’t want to sleep during the meeting, a 5-Hour Energy flavored drink is what you need. This can of energy will boost you up without the sugar crash later.

Unwind: After that tiring meeting, where do you go to unwind yourself? A club, perhaps! And, how will you find one in a new place? With a GPS, of course. A GPS will keep you headed in the right direction, whether looking for a local restaurant, or a hotel to sleep, or the gas station.

So if you are a biz traveler and you have packed your essential business and social tools, rest assured that you will never be out of touch, never go hungry, and never get stressed. Happy traveling. 


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