How to Fight Stress in 2010

Written by  Marv Valladares
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How to Fight Stress in 2010
As we enter this new decade, many will be eager to leave behind the stress and pressures that 2009 has brought upon us, particularly the economic crisis. And while we can hope for a much brighter forecast in 2010 and beyond, it is important to start the New Year armed with the best stress relievers to make this the best year yet.

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MUSIC – According to Forbes, this was the #1 way Americans relieved stress in the tumultuous year of 2009. Numerous studies have demonstrated the role of music in relieving stress and it has been discovered that the rhythm or the beat of the music relieves stress. While listening to music, there is an increase in the depth of breathing, which provides more oxygen and therefore more energy to the body. There is also is secretion of serotonin in the brain which acts as a mood stabilizer. So break out your Ipod and make a 2010 playlist of your favorite soothing tunes for the New Year.


ONLINE GAMING – With new online forms of entertainment and gaming emerging, researchers are beginning to find evidence that wide variety of games can be relaxing. According to a new study by researchers at Montreal’s McGill University, “online gaming can be very beneficial to your health. With one of the biggest gaming industries being online gambling, the study deduces that playing at online casinos could be a great stress-busting activity.” This study indicated that individuals who played online games such as a poker saw 17% reduction levels in cortisol. Another study at Oxford University demonstrated that PTSD can also be relieved by online gaming, as playing casino games online allows players to escape reality, acting as a very successful coping mechanism to distract them from stressful issues.


EXERCISE – The therapeutic benefits of regular exercise are well documented. Study after study has shown that it increases health and general well being. It’s been said that if exercise were a drug, it would be the most powerful medication on earth. Grab your sneakers and go for a walk or jog with a friend around the neighborhood, buy a punching bag to relieve anger and frustration, and make it a habit to get your heart rate up whenever stress is soaring.


MIX UP YOUR DAILY ROUTINE - Mixing it up, whether by altering your routine or trying something new — like changing your hairstyle — can improve your outlook and mood. Driving a new route to work, walking the dog down a different street, or eating a new food for breakfast can help keep things fresh. Focus on one easy-to-accomplish change at a time to ensure success. A new hobby gives you a fresh outlook on life, something fun to enjoy, a new outlet, and something to look forward to when stress is bogging you down.


WRITE IT OUT – The physical process of writing, in combination with taking the time to focus on the things that are bothering you, can be very cathartic. What you write is not important; it is the process and the frequency that counts. If possible journal every day. Keeping a journal or diary is a proven, powerful tool to enhance and benefit not only your personal life and well being. Journaling can also do the same for your work life. It is a way to record and track daily activities and thoughts, which can help with long term projects and goals.


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