How To Date a Tall Woman If You Are a Short Man

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Step 1: Overcome your own prejudice
Overcome your own prejudice. If you feel that being short is something to be ashamed of, women will pick up on that – and low self-esteem is a bigger turnoff than anything else.

Step 2: Ignore height

When you meet a woman, make no references to height – yours or hers. Tall women find cracks about their size just as irritating as you find comments about yours.

Step 3: Reach for the sky

Go for the really tall gals. They’re used to dating men that are shorter than them, so they may be more receptive to your advances than a woman who is only tall in relation to you.

Step 4: Look successful

Look prosperous when you’re on the prowl. It’s no secret that wealth tends to trump height, so invest in the successful man’s uniform: a well-cut suit, good shoes, and a status watch.

Step 5: Be friendly, not forward

When approaching a woman, be friendly, not forward. Assume you have to overcome her resistance to dating a shorter man by showing her what a smart, funny, generous person you are before you ask her for her phone number.

Step 6: Give the short gals a chance!

If things don’t work out with the statuesque gals, set your sights a little lower. There are plenty of shorter women out there who’d love to look up to a guy like you.


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