How To Celebrate the Holidays in an Interfaith Marriage

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Step 1: Make a list

Make a list of the holiday rituals that are important to you and ask your spouse to do the same. Then find a quiet, relaxed time to discuss how you can both preserve your traditions.

Step 2: Be open-minded

If you find yourself balking at one of your spouse’s requests, think of it as helping a loved one celebrate any other big occasion in their life, like a birthday: The celebration is about them, not you. You are not betraying your own religion by respecting your spouse’s.

Step 3: Be supportive

If you agree to observe one of your spouse’s traditions, be gracious about it.

Step 4: Compromise

Consider compromising on the less significant parts of the holidays, like deciding to keep decorations religion-neutral.

Step 5: Decide on gift-giving

Agree on a gift-giving plan. Will you exchange gifts on both holidays? Should you alternate years regarding which holiday will involve gifts? If you have children, will they get presents for both occasions? What about your extended families?

Step 6: Create new traditions

Create your own family traditions that combine the best of both your beliefs.

Step 7: Stay flexible

Be willing to make adjustments as the years go by and circumstances change.


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