On a budget this holiday season? Luxury gifts you can afford

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On a budget this holiday season? Luxury gifts you can afford
Mom, sister, daughter, wife – they're all special women in your life and you want to get them luxury gifts this holiday season. But your budget is limiting your spending. You can do luxury without spending the big bucks on beautiful gifts. All it takes is a little creativity and a good eye for quality.

Here are some luxurious gift ideas without the large price tags:
Spa package:
Women love to be pampered, but heading to a spa can be very expensive. Instead, create a beautiful gift basket of lotions, creams, gels, oils and exfoliating products for the bath. Make sure you schedule free time for her to relax in her spa and let the stress seep away. Add a calming CD or a manicure set to top off the package. To keep this gift extra special, look for products with a scent the recipient appreciates and enjoys.

If you are in an area where a spa training center is located, give the company a call and find out if you can schedule an appointment at a reduced price. This way you're still able to give the luxury spa getaway, without the extra cost.
On a budget this holiday season? Luxury gifts you can afford

"Pearls bring elegance and beauty to any outfit and also are an affordable jewelry choice," says Jeremy Shepherd, CEO of PearlParadise.com. "Freshwater pearls are very versatile – they come in a variety of pastel colors so you can match an outfit or skin tone perfectly, and you can look for the perfectly round classic pearls or mix and match some of the more unique and creative shapes." PearlParadise.com offers pearls up to 80 percent off retail price, and freshwater pearl earrings to complete strands of freshwater pearls start at $22.

Another popular style of pearl is the Tahitian drop pearl – a pear-shaped pearl with no banding around the middle like circle pearls. Tahitian pearls come in darker colors including green and peacock. Every woman – no matter her age or style – should have a beautiful drop Tahitian pearl necklace or earring set to enhance the elegance of her wardrobe. To learn more about Tahitian pearls and see the huge variety of settings and designs, visit PearlParadise.com.

"Nothing says luxury and good taste as cultured pearls. Known as an icon of style for centuries, pearls take on a woman’s personality, her distinct luster," says Kathy Grenier, director of Marketing and Communications with The Cultured Pearl Association of America Inc. "Today, cultured pearls of all shapes, colors and varieties are available making pearl jewelry options plentiful."

Afternoon out:
With children, work and extra activities, sometimes the best – and most luxurious gift – is an afternoon out on the town. Depending on your budget, you can expand this into an evening on the town or a mini getaway as well. The months of January and February are ideal for traveling because hotels, flights and tours are lowering their costs in an effort to fill vacancies.

If you plan on the afternoon out, special discounts are often available for lunch menus and afternoon matinees. Get dressed up, have a great lunch at a well-known restaurant and catch the latest theater production while keeping the cost affordable.

Shop off-season:
This tip will take a bit of extra work, but if you're willing to dig, you can find many summer clothing and accessory items for reduced prices during the winter months. If the recipient is big into purses, look for bags made from linens and light-weight fabrics. Search for some extra-stylish shades or a beautiful summer hat. For the professional female, look for a cool warm-weather suit made from flowing linens. If the clearance racks in the stores don't have anything, go online to find the great deals.

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