Meet AA’s 12 steps

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Meet AA's 12 steps
Helloooo Alyssa Anderson. We sure need more of your 12 steps. Well guys, we stop doing this for a while but now we are back with Alyssa Anderson and her 12 steps to a sexual recovery. See more of her on the next page and read how she loves to use her handcuffs. 

PM: So What type of Men are you in to?
AA: I’m drawn to the dangerous, adventurous ones, the bad boy type, with tattoos…
it’s a challenge 😉

What's your favorite part on a guy's body?
AA: Arms, nothing like a good set of biceps to protect you.. and surround you. And I'm a sucker for veins on the forearm…

PM: Boxers or Boxer Briefs?
AA: I don’t mind either, but if I had to choose, Boxers

PM: Ties or Bow Ties?
AA: Ties, they are distinguished, and can be used for fun later… haha

PM: What type of Sex Toys are under your Bed or in your drawer?
AA: Handcuffs, and Costumes, and just for me, The Rabbit

 Meet AA's 12 steps

PM: Rough or Passionate?
AA: Usually starts one way and ends up the other, either way I’m happy.

PM: So if you had to pick a public place to have sex where would it be?
AA: Its not very public usually, but a rooftop at night overlooking the city

PM: Do you think married couples still do it in public places?
AA: Of course, why not!? Just because thier married, doesn’t mean thier dead.

PM: Iphone or Blackberry?
AA: Iphone, it literally has everything!

PM: Any naked pictures of you on anyone's phone?
AA: It’s possible…

PM: Can we have one?
AA: Hahaha, what are you going to give me 😉

PM: What would you say was the best part shooting these pictures?
AA: It was so much fun, and I felt great taking them!

Meet AA's 12 steps
Photographer: Cassios Co NYC


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