Zulay Henao

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Zulay Henao

We had a chance to interview the beautiful Colombian actress Zulay Henao. She can be seen starring in the movie Fighting that comes out in April. The movie looks like the 1999 movie Fight Club gone main stream. Seems like the one thing they did right is to have Zulay Henao star in the movie. As you can see from the picture here and on the next page, she is sure gorgeous. Zulay is someone to be in the look out because we are sure you will see more of her to come. Click on the next page to read the whole interview and see more of Zulay Henao.

Zulay Henao

Pinstripe: So we know you are Colombian, were you born there or were you born here in the States, if Colombia what part or if states where?

Zulay: I was born in Medellin, Colombia and came to the US when I was 4.

Pinstripe: How was it growing up, were you a tomboy or a girly girl?

Zulay: I was definitely a girly girl, my sister Marcella was more the tomboy. J

Pinstripe: Do you miss Colombia or do you visit often.

Zulay: I visit often, since I have so much family there still. I love going, it’s such a beautiful country and I am so proud to be from there! Medellin is such a fun city, there’s so much to do.

Pinstripe: When did you want to be an actress?

Zulay: In retrospect, all my life I guess. It was just there, I always loved the arts. As a little girl, I danced, put on shows for my family.  Yup, I was little drama queen…

Pinstripe: Where did you grow up or live most of your time, NY, CA or FL?

Zulay: (note: I never lived in FL.) I grew up in NJ for the most part. But I also lived in MA for 6 years. I consider NJ home though, it’s where my family is and where I go back to now.

Pinstripe: Where are your parents right now?

Zulay: My mom is in NJ and my dad is in RI – they are divorced. I love them both dearly!!

Zulay Henao

Pinstripe: So what can you tell us about this new movie you are in called Fighting?

Zulay: Fun. Fun. Fun. Its about fighting, but not just about fighting in the physical sense. It’s about life struggles, friendship and love,  which are all very good elements of a good movie. I am very proud of it.

Pinstripe: Who is or was your favorite actor you worked with thus far?

Zulay: Channing Tatum is my favorite actor I’ve worked with so far. He is such a genuinely good person, and obviously very talented.

Pinstripe: What makes Fighting a great movie?

Zulay: Like I said before, I think it has all of the elements of a good movie. Love, obstacles, friendship, and of course action!

Pinstripe: So are you dating anyone?

Zulay: No J

Pinstripe: How old were you when you had your first serious boyfriend?

Zulay: 22..

Pinstripe: When was your last serious relationship?

Zulay: A while ago…

Pinstripe: So what does a guy need to do to get your attention?

Zulay: Not try at all, I know it when I see it. The sexiest thing to me is a confident man.

Pinstripe: What type of guys are you attracted to?

Zulay: Confident, intelligent men with character and integrity.   So sexy.

Pinstripe: Do you think is true that you can tell a lot from the size of a man’s feet or hand? We even heard size of his nose…

Zulay: I think it’s all crap…

Pinstripe: Do you like dancing?

Zulay: I love dancing!!

Pinstripe: What do you dance better?

Zulay: Salsa…I love dancing Salsa…

Pinstripe: So Sex toys or no sexy toys?

Zulay: too much information… 😉

Pinstripe: Anything else you would love to tell our Pinstripe readers?

Zulay: That I would really appreciate their support come April… J

Pinstripe: After visiting Pinstripe what can you tell us about it?

Zulay: Very Sexy… thank you for having me..

Pinstripe: Thanks, So what else can we expect from you after this movie… what should we be in the look out for?

Zulay: There are a couple of things in the works… stay tuned!!!

Zulay Henao

We can’t decide which picture to show you so we had to show you all the ones we have in one. Zulay oh Zulay!!! Take a look below and see the beautiful Zulay Henao in different poses. Enjoy!

Zulay Henao


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