Susana: Our January Cover Girl Winner

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Susana: Our January Cover Girl Winner

WOW is all we have to say. It comes to no surprise that our January Cover Girl Winner is the Sexy Diva Susana. Finally we see another beautiful model from El Salvador after the well-known Christy Turlington. Susana screams SEXY LATINA… MUY CALIENTE!! See the rest of her on the next page. 

Susana: Our January Cover Girl Winner
Susana: Our January Cover Girl Winner

So we had a chance to ask Susana from NJ a few questions and here is what she had to say. 

Pinstripe: What do you do for a living:

Susana: I work for a model management (International Fire Goddess) located in my area.

Pinstripe: What's your best feature: 

Susana: Thats a tough one since all my features are beautiful but my most favorite feature would have to be my small cute feet guys often compliment on how cute they are and how they love a women with some cute toes. 

Pinstripe: What do you get most compliments on: 

Susana: I get most compliments on my really small waist line, people wonder how I get my abs so cut up and how I stay lean and fit, it's simple just workout! You can eat what you want as long as you get a good workout.

Pinstripe: What's your favorite sex toy or tip? Sex toys? 

Susana: Not a big fan of em I prefer the real thing, a sex tip I'd like to give is lots of foreplay! Always gets me hot. 

You can see more of Susana on the following site:


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