The worm inside the Apple – Is the new series of Mac laptops worth the dough?

Written by  Sergio Pineda
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The worm inside the Apple - Is the new series of Mac laptops worth the dough?

As we've all heard, Mr. Jobs unveiled last week the new series of Apple's "improved" laptops. After extensive initial reviews of the announced product line and much commentary among the "techie" community, the main question always comes back to this for the average user- are these things worth the extra money than what you would pay for a Dell or a different lesser known brand?  The answer is simple and yet complex at the same time. We say it truly depends on who you are and more importantly what your needs are.  Let's take for example the new Apple Macbook Pro (pictured above) which will lighten your wallet by over 2 g's, according to the tech experts the big selling point on these babies regarding performance is that they've improved the use of DD3 memory.  Skipping all the boring tech talk, this basically means that unless you're spending 10 hours of your day playing Crysis online or editing a 3 hour documentary, you won't see much of a difference in performance from a different brand laptop you can pay a lot less for.  Looks-wise, it is a slimmer design, although not noticeable to the naked eye compared to the earlier series and in terms of portability it is far from world changing.  

Bottom-line, if you got the extra cash to splurge on the new line of Macs in this hellish economy then cheers to you my friend, but if you're looking to shop wisely and need a functional notebook to use during travel and for day to day casual tasks, you need not heed to Mr. Jobs' sales pitch and consider something like this Toshiba below instead. We, however stand by the mac, love and use them everyday! 

Tecra A9-S9020V 


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