Piaggio Scooter MP3 400

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Piaggio Scooter MP3 400

The Piaggio MP3, the three-wheel scooter that recently revolutionized personal transport by redefining the entire concept of ride stability, has grown to a 400cc displacement to offer unprecedented performance and safety. Fun, nimble and agile, the Piaggio MP3 400 i.e. handles curves with extraordinary safety and road holding that only the MP3 can manage, while providing all the power and distance range of a real touring maxi scooter.

The Piaggio MP3 400 ($8,699) is truly an all-round scooter. On town rides, the Piaggio MP3 400 i.e. handles cobblestones, train tracks and irregular roads with the greatest of ease and stays stable and safe on wet roads as well. The exceptionally large underseat storage bay (which holds two full-face helmets), the wraparound protection of the wide front shield and the excellent cruising speed make this the ideal vehicle for long-distance as well as tougher rides.

Comfortable and innovative with exceptional performance, the Piaggio MP3 400 i.e. will appeal to novice riders as well as seasoned motorcyclists, as it combines enjoyment and ease of use with unprecedented safety. See more scooters at www.piaggiousa.com.

Piaggio Scooter MP3 400


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