The new luxury car: Daimler

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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The new luxury car: Daimler

Forget the Bentley and Rolls-Royce Phantom… If you are really a baller and have the budget for a big luxury sedan then you need to be looking at the Daimler. Not to be confused with the Mercedes parent company, Daimler has the same roots as the British subsidiary of Gottlieb Daimler’s operation. Between 1896 and 1960, Daimler made a range of elegant limousines. After being acquired by Jaguar, the brand was relegated to becoming the top trim level of Jaguar XJ saloons.

When Tata bought Jaguar, it also acquired the rights to the Daimler name (which the German company shares under license). Tata is now considering reviving the Daimler brand with a new luxury range, but it’ll have quite a job on its hands distinguishing itself in name from the Mercedes parent company and in essence from the known quantities of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.


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