IceLink luxury timepieces

Written by  Marv Valladares
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IceLink luxury timepieces


IceLink luxury timepieces

The watch to get you a bunch of compliments is here! Check out IceLink luxury timepieces, so brolic!

Icelink luxury watch

I’m such a big fan of luxury watches and lately I’ve had a thing for rose gold face watches with black bands. However, after seeing this watch above I just had to have it. Blue is the new Black. Consider this your going out watch and even casual watch for every day use. The blue band/rose gold face IceLink Yerevan Edition ‘Blaine’ 6 Time Zone Big Case Watch is just so sexy. However I wouldn’t accept anything less from the owners, Sogoyan family. You can pick up this watch for $995.

IceLink 18K Gold 6ct Floating Diamonds Watch

Andy Sogoyan is no stranger to luxury watches and has been in the jewellery business for years. His experience brought us the famed six-zone timepiece worn by many celebrities. Now his beautiful daughter, Suzy Sogoyan is bringing her LA influence to the brand and you can see the sexiness from the other watches and jewellery pieces below. One particular watch to look at which is full of bling is the IceLink 18K Gold 6 Time Zone Ambassador Big Case Black Dial 6ct Floating Diamonds Watch retailing for $49k. This would certainly have your friends talking about you. See above.


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