Cobra JumPack Portable Battery Review

Written by  Ronald Lee
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Cobra JumPack Jumpstarter & Portable Battery Review

Cobra JumPack Portable Battery Review

Cobra JumPack Portable Battery Review

Check out the Cobra JumPack combination Power Pack and doubles as a Jump Starter for your Car! The Cobra JumPack CPP 8000 offers carry convenience with practical functionality when you need it.

At 5.5 in. x 2.87 in. x 0.65 in. weighing only 9.2 oz or about 261g the Cobra JumPack CPP8000 is the perfect device to carry with you in your car for emergencies or even daily use recharging your mobile device.

The JumPack CPP8000 features 180 Amp Starting Current with a Peak Current of 360 Amps for a powerful jolt enough to turn over a V8 engine or two. The 2.4 Amp USB Port offers rapid charging for your mobile devices; smartphone, tablets, phablets… It’s just slightly bigger than your typical battery backup at 6000mAh but just slightly smaller than the CPP7500 which comes with a 7500mAh battery and 200/400 peak current.

Total charge time is 3 hours using the supplied DC or Car rapid charger or 15 hours using a 5V 1A USB power source, comes with a USB to micro USB cable.

The design is sleek and with the supplied cables you’re able to jump up to 3 vehicles on a fully charged unit. You can even recharge the battery from the supplied car charger. A built-in LED array lets you know how much charge you have left. A large round recessed button allows you to turn the unit on and off and also features an auto off when capacity is met charging a mobile device.

Cobra JumPack Portable Battery Review

Cobra JumPack Portable Battery Review

Using the JumPack CPP8000 to Jumpstart a Vehicle

Make sure you charge your unit up fully the first time you get it before using it. Ideally also make sure that your battery is fully charged when you want to jump start a car or other motorized vehicle. Unfortunately when you’re rapid charging the device is unable to tell how much power it has until you disconnect it. When wall or USB charging you can press the large Power/Flashlight/Capacity button to check the battery status.

A fuse on the supplied jumper cables allows you safety in the event of an overload. Super simple to use, even easier than car to car since you only have a short distance and no worry about if the cables are long enough. The CPP8000 is light enough to rest on a safe spot somewhere in the engine compartment.

Does it work?

You better believe it does. The Cobra JumPack CPP8000 has no issues jumping a big V8. It does what it’s designed to do and does it well. We were finally able to find a situation where I could test the CPP8000 out. The car’s owner left the lights on overnight and the battery was low enough two days later and couldn’t even move the starter motor. Keep in mind that if the battery is dead it’s dead and no amount of charge to the battery will bring it back to life. The CPP8000 was able to kick the starter over easily and had plenty of juice for a couple more.

Connect the Red to the positive terminal, black to the negative, and THEN connect the proprietary plug into the CPP8000, this ensures you aren’t dealing with dangling live cables while in your engine bay. Once the jumper cables are plugged into the CPP8000, and go and try to start your car in 3 second spurts, giving a short pause between each. Once the vehicle has started, remove the jumper cables from the battery pack first, very important. Then proceed to remove the Red and Black from your car’s battery.

Cobra JumPack Portable Battery Review

Cobra JumPack CPP8000 LED Flashlight

The built-in LED Flashlight comes in super handy when you actually need to use this thing to provide a jump. A 6000mAh Lithium-Cobalt Battery holds a charge longer than a traditional Lithium Ion batteries. It’s able to retain 85% of it’s total charge for 8 months though Cobra recommends that you throw a full charge on it every 3 months.

Cobra JumPack Portable Battery Review

Cobra JumPack CPP8000

Cobra JumPack CPP8000 Recommended

With more than just visual improvements over the CPP 7500 the new JumPack features “added built-in protection circuitry including short circuit protection, reverse charge, over-charge and reverse polarity protection”.

The Cobra JumPack CPP8000 is an excellent unit to have with you in case of emergencies and small and sleek enough for daily use as a portable battery backup device.

$119.95 Cobra JumPack CPP 8000


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