Stoli Patriotic Cocktail Memorial Day Weekend

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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This weekend while you are partying at the BBQ, camping or where ever you will be for Memorial Day Weekend make sure to impress your friends with this Stoli Patriotic Cocktail. It is red, white and blue and just looks fancy. See below the recipe so you and your drink are the highlight of the party.

Stoli Blueberi – 2 parts
Club Soda – 2 parts
Grenadine – 1 part

Step 1: Pour grenadine straight into bottom of glass
Step 2: Slowly pour Stoli Blueberi mixed with club soda over the bottom of a spoon into the glass
Step 3: Garnish with blueberries

You now have yourself a Red, White and Blue cocktail to celebrate Memorial Day. Enjoy!

Stoli Seasonal Cocktails

Photo Credit: Jennifer Mitchell Photography


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