iCoffee Opus single serve brewing system

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Imagine a cup of coffee from a single serve brewer with the same smooth, rich flavor that comes from America’s favorite multi-cup SteamBrew machine. Remington, maker of iCoffee SteamBrew, has made this dream a reality with the new iCoffee Opus single serve brewing system. This product, which is sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores, allows users to enjoy a smoother, better-tasting cup of coffee from any K-Cup or K-type cup. However, what I enjoy the most is that you don’t need to just buy K-cups to use the machine but instead you can use your own coffee you normally buy for a multi-cup machine to make rich coffee every day.

The machine comes with its own iCup Reusable, a reusable cup allowing users to enjoy the freedom of choosing their own coffee grounds and resulting in fewer single serve cups in local landfills. Talk about saving money!

iCoffee Opus uses SpinBrew technology to spin, steam and stir coffee grounds inside the single serve pod, releasing maximum flavor and minimizing acidic or bitter aftertaste. It also brews 10 ounces in less than a minute and also works with all varieties of RealCup, One Cup and private label cups.

This single serve brewer has been making my mornings more enjoyable every day. The only disappointment is that the coffee is not hot enough. For me it’s great because I enjoy my coffee warm and not steaming hot. Since I’m always in a rush in the mornings, I have time before getting into the office to drink my coffee at home. However, some people enjoy their coffee really hot so for those who do, I suggest heating it in the microwave for 30 seconds and you should be fine.

Pick up one the iCoffee Opus single serve brewing system for $140 at any Bed Bath & Beyond or a few stores online. Who said Keurig was the only single brewer? Save more with the iCoffee machine.


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