Alphard Duo Golf Cart review

Written by  Ronald Lee
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Alphard Duo Golf Cart review

For the avid golf enthusiast, the Alphard Duo Golf Cart offers you all the convenience of a high end Golf Bag and Push Cart into one compact design. You’re even able to remove the wheels and convert it to a normal golf bag so it fits into a conventional golf cart.

The Duo Golf Cart  comes in Deluxe, Evolution and Lite varieties. In this article we will be reviewing the Duo Golf Cart DX. The bag’s design is quite nice and offers ample storage with a total of 9 pockets, including 2 velor lined pockets for your valuables, full-length apparel pocket and even a cooler pocket for your beers, eh hem I mean water help you stay prepared for any weather conditions that day.

Alphard Duo Golf Cart review

Duo Golf Cart Notable Features

The Duo Golf Cart measures 13”  x 46” x 18.5” which is compact enough to fit inside most any car trunk so you don’t have to worry about the added size. It comes mostly pre-assembled so you can use it quickly right out of the box and weighs 19lbs. Simply attach the wheels, erect the bag, unfold the handle and you’re ready to go.

Alphard Duo Golf Cart review

Club management has been re-imagined with a “No Rattle design”. A 9.5″ top and 14-way full length dividers more securely separates your expensive clubs to minimize  knocking into one another damaging them and reducing the rattling. This does seem to reduce the knocking of club heads, although with the bag loaded with my golf clubs I find it slightly difficult to reach the extra ball and tee holders.

Alphard Duo Golf Cart review
A hydraulic assisted system allows you to expand the Duo Cart easily. The unfolding handle is both height and angle adjustable for maximum ergonomic comfort and there’s even a handbrake for convenience.

Alphard Duo Golf Cart review
The push handle is equipped with a plastic resin storage compartment that is padded inside. The lid closes shut with two magnetic points to help keep it from opening while you’re walking the holes. The magnets could be slightly larger, as I travel over bumpy terrain, the contents potentially can bounce up and open the lid depending on it’s weight. It may be best to keep only lighter material, scorecards, pencils and such inside. Underneath the compartment is a mesh layer which is accessible by an open area just ahead of the handle storage compartment.

At the mouth of the bag is a golf ball hole and tee holder, making it convenient to quickly grab another in case you’re shank city or in need of a mulligan. Walking 18 holes can be tiring, so every little bit of bending over and physical exersion that can be minimized when shooting is always welcome.

Alphard Duo Golf Cart review

Opening the Duo Golf Cart

When closed, the bag stands upright like a normal golf bag. It appears top-heavy but remains fairly stable on a flat surface. Simply lay the bag wheels down and push the main latch located underneath the spine near the hinge and the hydrolic lift effectively assists in raising the bag and extending the chasis to it’s full height. When erecting the bag it is best to push the unlock lever, then grab the fabric handle at the top of the bag and let it hover and raise it while the A frame for the large wheels opens up.

It will automatically lock in the extended position at that point you manually lift the tab for the handle, rotate the handle around and up to you then pull backward on the lever to lock the handle in place. You can also extend the neck height very easily and quickly by pulling upward on the neck then pushing the tab in to lock the height adjustment.

Alphard Duo Golf Cart review

Folding up the Duo Golf Cart

When closing up and folding the unit down at the end of your golf day, the Duo Cart conveniently returns to it’s compact shape so you can toss it into your trunk. No need to remove the wheels, just toss it into your trunk, clubs and all.

When depressing the fold lock lever (it says push on it) to fold up the Duo Cart, the rear wheels and arms can return to a centered position. However, the folding action could be a bit smoother somehow, if you try to do this with the bag completely on all four wheels you will meet some resistance as the bag’s weight impeds the wheels A-Frame from closing. Instead, depress the fold lock lever and roll the Duo Cart backwards as you are unfolding the bag up. I would have prefered to see a mechanism for the wheels that allowed the A-Frame to collapse with less resistance. This can be slightly frustrating at first but the learning curve is minimal and you’ll be able to do it without thinking with just a few uses.

The Duo Golf Cart Roll

“it’s all ball bearings nowadays”, and the Duo Golf Cart is no different, it offers machined metal ball bearings for a super smooth and stabile roll over any terrain the golf course can dish out. The wheels can easily be put on or taken off by a simple push of the center hub on each wheel. Pushing the hub retracts the two ball bearings on the axle end so you can remove the wheel from the bag. You are also able to fine tune and adjust the angle on the rear wheels to help with any veering left or right that you might experience when rolling.

While you are able to remove the 4 wheels entirely, the hardware chasis for the cart remains attached, so relatively speaking the total weight of the bag is about on par with a stand along bag and cart but slightly heavier as just a stand alone bag.

What I particularly love is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the bag knocking within the cart since it’s attached and it provides you with an excellent station when you’re on the putting green, just roll it up, grab your putter and hit that birdie.

Alphard Duo Golf Cart review

Extras and Attachments

Alphard has even discovered a way to extend the life of your golf bag with replaceable skins. The main chamber holds the clubs but the skin contains all the pockets, so customize your color, or even upgrade or change your bag’s features as Alphard developes more Duo Cart skin designs.

Alphard has also included an umbrella tube and attachment so you can place your open umbrella without having to worry about holding it, or having someone hold it for you.

Additional attachments like a seat in case you want to pop a squat comfortably and also a smartphone holder, convenient if you are using some sort of golf app for the course. The handle has a nice little covered case that you can use to place all your valuables.

Duo Golf Cart DX Overall

The Alphard Duo Cart golf bag looks, feels and acts every bit of a standard golf bag with the added convenience of an attached push cart. It packs up and expands in a snap with a solid build and eliminates the bag moving in the cart and reduces club rattle with it’s no rattle design. A myriad of pockets and sleeves help you organize yourself without sacrificing any gear for when you’re out on the course. The Duo Cart’s innovative design makes it quick and easy to get from your trunk to the to the driving range or golf course with minimal fumbling and helps fight fatigue and clutter so you can focus on improving your game.

Duo Cart Deluxe (DX) is available in Black, Navy & Red
for $349.95


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