Bissell Symphony All In One Review

Written by  Ronald Lee
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Bissell Symphony All In One Review

Check out the Symphony all-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop from Bissell. We all know how much fun mopping the floor is but what if you could mop the floor just like you vacuum the rug? The Bissell Symphony All In One Vacuum and Steam Mop does a great job steaming and sanitizing your hard floor and allows you the convenience of sucking up smaller debris in the same action. Great for your home or bachelor pad!

Bissell Symphony All In One Review

Bissell Symphony Features

The Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop features a bagless cyclonic vacuum to help pick up debris so you don’t have to break out the vacuum to clean the floor. The vacuum portion resides at the front of the quick release Mop Pad Tray while the steam is delivered through a small hole at the center of the Mop Pad Tray.

The handle adjusts into 5 positions or increments for better scrubbing angles and the cleaning path measures 11″ wide. The handle grip is also angled while the selector buttons are a thumbs reach forward. It’s a bit difficult to see the positions but there aren’t many choices, so it won’t take you long to have it memorized. The unit feels fairly heavy at 9.7 lbs and uses a traditional cord wrap to store the power cable.

Bissell Symphony All In One Review

Wear and tear items that you will need to replace include the white pad, scrubby pad and vacuum filters and that’s about it. The pads can be washed after use and it’s recommended to use distilled water to prevent hard water build up. Bissell also sells scented demineralized water but I like to spritz down some of my favorite cleaning solution on harder to clean stains, it also adds a nice clean aroma to the house.

Bissell Symphony All In One Review

Using the Bissell Symphony

The unit comes fully assembled and ready to use. On the rear of the unit is the fill port. Simply squeeze either side and the hinged cover will open for you. Use the supplied measuring cup to place up to 400ml of distilled water or two cups to the fill line. The quick release Mop Pad Tray should already have the white pad on it. Step on the pad and gently lift the unit to release the Mop Pad Tray. You can swap out the pads by simply pulling back on the elastic and replacing it with another. Reattaching the Tray is simple and seats itself back in with a soft snap. It may be tricky at first, make sure you are holding the unit flat, but won’t take long to master. Close cover, plug unit in and you’re ready to go in seconds for steam. The vacuum debris canister slides outward with a pull of the handle, filter cover comes out and you can empty and replace quickly.

Bissell Symphony All In One Review
Using the Bissell Symphony is convenient, saves your back and steam sanitizes the floor to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria. A ready light indicator illuminates when the steamer is ready to use and is ready almost immediately after turning the unit on. A high and low steam setting allows you to adjust the steam for heavy or light duty steam. I would NOT recommend this for parquet or simulated wood floor paneling. Real hardwood floors can handle lower steam settings while bathroom and kitchen tile can handle the high steam setting.

The sliding action on the Symphony can feel a little odd at first since your mind expects it to glide but the resistance from gravity lets the mopping action work well. I am able to clean up most any stain, with just a few passes. You can use the regular white pad for everyday mopping and the scrubby pad for a deeper cleaning. For hard to reach places like behind the toilet the Symphony simply won’t fit but you can sanitize the open floors spaces with ease.

The vacuum isn’t the strongest and there are no vacuum or steam attachments so don’t chuck the dust buster just yet. But for everyday smaller debris, the vacuum works just fine. You may want to empty the dust bin regularly as it can get quite noisy with anything inside. Cleaning and mopping larger open floor spaces and steaming up dried in stains is where the Bissell Symphony excels.


I was very pleased with the performance of the Bissell Symphony All In One Steam and Mop overall and it’s a great gift for single guys that just don’t have the motivation to clean floors and is much more sanitary than traditional mopping. The vacuum portion provides adequate suction for smaller debris and the steaming action is great to really clean your hardwood floors or floor tile. It won’t replace your dustbuster, vacuum, rag and bucket completely but it makes everyday maintenance of your hard floors much easier to deal with and I find myself using it whenever possible.

Symphony all-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop $199.99


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