It’s Co-Co-Co Coachella Time

Written by  Ana Vigo
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The time has come to celebrate two weekends of musical madness in the desert of California.  It’s Co-Co-Co Coachella time!!!! But before you party your way to a sunburn, here are a few tips on how to look your mighty best. Ladies, please refrain from wearing every piece of “hippie” clothing you find in stores.  That’s what every other girl will do, so instead, be original and create your own look.

It’s Co-Co-Co Coachella Time

Put on your favorite Madonna song and start ripping apart old shirts, blazers, jeans and anything else you get your hands on.  Choose bright colors and light materials (the California desert is brutally hot).  Accessorize using inexpensive jewelry, a small crossbody bag and sunglasses.

Let your outfit look flirty, playful, and almost effortless.  Imitate designer pieces using your own creativity and save your money for that ridiculously overpriced water bottle you will have at the festival.

Gentlemen, please refrain from getting “creative,” that is not your strength so don’t even try.  Chances are that you will totally screw up your look so just stick to the usual and go buy an outfit  😉  Stand out from the crowd by using a shirt that makes a clear statement about where you’re from, what do you love or what do you have to say.  Coachella attracts lots of international visitors and women are in the hunt for them, so if you have an accent let women know by wearing a shirt with your country flag.

It’s Co-Co-Co Coachella Time

You know what else women love…Men who play sports.  Wearing your favorite team shirt will get female fans to approach you, and it is very likely that she will also be a native of your city.  And last but not least, making a literal statement on your shirt is a plus (so as long as you don’t offend women, trust me, we will not let it go).

Whatever the phrase says, make sure you own up to it.  Even during Coachella, we expect you to stick to your guns.  A friend once wore a shirt saying “Strong Women Only Intimidate Weak Men,” and women lined up just to talk to him and congratulate him on his message – Talk about a panty-dropper!

Now if you would excuse me, I have a few shirts to rip.


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