Discreet lingerie shopping with ENCLOSED

Written by  Marv Valladares
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The holidays are near and if you are not shopping for a Christmas lingerie gift for your girlfriend then make sure you get a Valentine’s gift for that special someone in your life. However, are you embarrassed of walking into a lingerie shop like Victoria’s Secret or those a bit more risqué? Well, let us introduce to you the new way to shop for knickers for the young lady in your life… introducing ENCLOSED, theenclosed.com.

With [ENCLOSED], your girlfriend, wife or loved one gets one or more months of exquisite panties selected by ENCLOSED‘s concierge panty specialists. Wrapped in bespoke packaging and surrounded by real flower petals, this is a gift experience like no other. With [ENCLOSED] you can send a pair of utterly stupendously pretty panties every month.

The Knickers
Unlike the panties you find at department stores, ENCLOSED’s panties are sourced from around the world from the finest storied houses of Europe, as well as the most innovative new designers from South and North America. Every month they select from a range of luxurious, elegant panties made of the finest materials—lace from Calais, France, silk from China—and while they consider these “date night” or special occasion panties, they are always comfortable and flattering.

Think of [ENCLOSED] as your personal concierge panty shoppers. Whether you want to send her one pair of panties as a one-time gift, or twelve over the course of a year, they take care of all the details of your gift, tailoring it to your specifications.


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