Yes, Paintball is Still Awesome

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Yes, Paintball is Still awesome

Everyone can participate in a paintball game, and I’ve known people aged 8 to 65 who have had fun in a friendly round or two. It is a game that requires coordination, stamina and offers a perfect opportunity to have fun with your friends, or for parents to bond with their teens while at the same time get into shape. Anyone of any skill level can learn to play; it promotes team work and bonding for people of any gender and age. Even so, there are some tips you might want to keep in mind to make your game play even more awesome:

1 – Get the Right Moves

The secret to playing a good game is to learn to move. This is the game where you have to move and keep moving to gain ground.

2 – The Right Equipment

You have to buy the right equipment. You need great paintball guns and since you need to buy paintballs you better make sure these fit in the gun you have. Paintballs should fit tightly in the barrel. Believe me, this does make a difference and it improves your accuracy drastically. While you’re at it you want to make sure you have your goggles and mask on at all times while on the field. You don’t want to have an accident.

3 – Get into Shape

If you aren’t exercising – well, paintball can be a great motivator. You’ll soon find that you need to start exercising to be really effective on the field. You want to be able to focus on the field without wheezing and gasping for air.

4 – Practice before a Game

Before you have a big match, go out to the field and practice on your own. Walk around and become familiar with the field. You want to learn all the angles and know where the best places to fire from are, and where the best places to take cover are.

Practicing will also get you familiar with your paintball guns. You’ll soon learn where you shoot the best, how far you can shoot accurately at, and what shooting position works best for you.

5 – Check your Chrono Speed

Check the field regulations for chrono seeds as these may change; usually they are set somewhere around 300 feet per second. Don’t go over the set limit, as you might injure another player.

6 – Work with Your Team

In paintball it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the game that you can forget you have a team to play with. Be a team player and don’t try to go solo. You’ll be more successful over the long run if you work on your team strategy.

7 – Keep Your Targets Straight

Too often teens get excited about paintball and start choosing unconsenting targets. Shooting animals, passing cars, or people that are unaware of your game is not cool. Stick to the game and the playing field. Keep paintball safe.

Bottom Line

Paintball is still an awesome game, one you can play with friends, with your family or on your own. Still, it can be a dangerous sport, especially if you don’t play by the rules. Keep it safe, involve your team and have fun!

written by Ashley Roberts


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