X Games in Aspen with O’Neill

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Team O’Neill was in Aspen with Seb Toots, David Wise, Maxence Parrot and Aspen Spora for the X Games Aspen 2013.


The competition got underway at Buttermilk Mountain this past Thursday, January 24th during the X Games Aspen 2013, and Team O’Neill was represented throughout the day. David Wise started where he finished off last year, placing first in the Ski SuperPipe elimination round. In Snowboard Slopestyle, Max Parrot wowed the crowd by placing third.


An action-packed day at X Games Aspen 2013 saw David Wise earn a repeat gold medal with two legendary runs that scored 94.66 and 95.66, landing the first back-to-back double cork 1260s in competition history along the way.

Before the finals, 12-year-old Aspen Spora dazzled the crowd and gave X Games fans a glimpse of the future with a SuperPipe forerun in front of a live national audience.


All of Aspen was talking about the O’Neill Experience at X Games 2013! On Saturday, X Games rookie snowboarder Max Parrot took silver with the first-ever backside triple cork in Slopestyle history. O’Neill teammates Celia Miller and gold medalist David Wise were in attendance to cheer on Max during the competition, while Seb Toots and Aspen Spora took in a busy day at Buttermilk, with autograph sessions, photoshoots and media interviews.

Check out pictures below to see more of the X Games, Aspen 2013.


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