Shugo Tokumaru Paper Stop Motion music video

Written by  Ronald Lee
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Shugo Tokumaru Paper Stop Motion music video

Shugo Tokumaru Paper Stop Motion music video

The Japanese singer and songwriter, Shugo Tokumaru’s paper stop motion music video for his song Katachi, is a wonderful way to kill 3 min of your life. Katachi translates to form, shape or figure in Japanese.  Something like a movie soundtrack, the feel good song is the perfect bond of form, shape, visual and audible movement.

Created for Shugo by animation team Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski, I can only sit in appreciation and visualize the time involved in creating this fabulous 3 dimensional art through stop motion. Stop motion animation is nothing new, but it’s full of character. The endless array silhouettes and perspectives building fluid movement is brilliant and something everyone can enjoy.

I want to believe these are all hand cut, but even if they are machine cut, the video is cool as heck and I actually like the song. Check it out!

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