Boldly going where no Google Doodle has gone before

Written by  Brian Campanelli
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Boldly going where no Google Doodle has gone before
You’ve probably already been toying around with it on google, but if you haven’t seen it yet, go and visit today. Google doodle’s which have come to be a fun and/or interesting little factoid to start off your day for many, has a little something for you Trekkies out there. Today marks Star Trek‘s 46th anniversary of the first episode, which would have aired tomorrow, “The Man Trap”.

Go and play around, it’s a fun interactive time and includes references to the show and scenes, complete with sound effects, that are sure to bring a smile to any die hard Star Trek fan. Though there have been many iterations of Star Trek over the years, the character and absurdity of the original show’s appeal never dies.

check it out on today!
or you can check out their worldwide repository of google doodles, guaranteed to help you kill time at work on a Friday.



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