Ask Pinstripe Why do some men cheat

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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Hello everyone! After a long hiatus from Pinstripe Magazine, I am now back to answer all your questions. This is Dr. Evan Doess, and today Kim from Santa Monica asked the question “Why Do Men Cheat?”

Kim, let’s first start by giving some men the benefit of the doubt since not all men cheat. However, for those men that are cheaters there are a few reasons why.

1. Sometimes a man will downgrade or upgrade and end up cheating because they haven’t experienced a type of woman that they probably fantasized about. For example, there may be a girl with a different body type, nationality, personality or sexuality that your man hasn’t experienced yet and feels the need to. That is why the saying, ‘get it out of your system’ exists.

2. The second reason some men cheat is that they have many opportunities to choose from. Not all men have these same options, only the ones described in the next sentence. All women love a tall, good-looking, broad shoulders, ambitious man. So, just like a beautiful, sexy and very attractive woman has many choices, wants the best and can pick and chose who she wants, well so does a good-looking and well-off man.

3. The third and final reason a man cheats is that he is not happy at home, not happy with his spouse, or girlfriend. Usually when a couple has no communication, is not open to each other’s views, ideas or opinions and is having trouble in the bedroom then a man or a woman will end up cheating, but since we are discussing men then there you have it. There is a saying that I’ve heard women say, which is keep your man happy or some other woman will. So,  there are three things that will keep your man happy and that is to be a lady with class, a freak in bed and chef in the kitchen!

There you have it. These are the reasons why some men tend to cheat, but remember not all men are the same. There are men who have already experienced everything or gotten it all out of their system. There are men that are not that great looking, just average, not that ambitious and are happy in their relationships. These men may probably not cheat but then again you never know.

So Kim, I hope I was able to answer your question.

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Dr. Evan Doess


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