Ask Pinstripe Is it a good idea to date a woman that loves attention?

Written by  Alex Matlock
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Ask Pinstripe Is dating a woman that loves attention a good idea?

Ask Pinstripe: Is it a good idea to date a woman that loves attention?

Matt from NYC writes Ask Pinstripe:

Dear Ask Pinstripe, I find myself attracted to women in the spotlight, meaning bartenders, hostesses, models, entertainers. Is it a good idea for me to have a relationship with a women that loves attn?


Matt, It’s not just yourself that’s attracted to these women, it’s most men on the planet.

In the last 3 jobs you mentioned, women are hired by their looks but when it comes to bartenders, there are a lot of unattractive ones and the job itself is not really that much in the spotlight.

As a result, you can class bartenders as “normal” women which would mean a relationship with them would be no different than with any other women on the street. Sure, she might get more attention than usual but, considering how difficult it is to pick her up at the workplace; you’d never need to feel jealous.

The rest and I would also include exotic dancers here, love attention. If they have a job like this it means they look extremely good. The pick-up community refers to such women as hot babes and if we we’re to grade them they would be 9-10. 9-10’s are a different breed of women. They look good and they know it. It’s not difficult to pick them up but it is completely different in comparison to 8-7 etc.

When it comes to relationships, they are exactly the same as other women.

There’s nothing wrong with being in a relationship with such women as they have the same needs and desires. They may be a bit more high maintenance but if you play your cards right you can be a very happy man.

I have a friend that’s been with an entertainer for over 7 years now and she gets so much attention it’s ridiculous. She’s never cheated on him and their relationship is still going strong (he doesn’t look like Ryan Reynolds either). I personally had a relationship with an exotic dancer and I can tell you from experience that they are exactly like any other women. This being said, there are some exceptions. You need to look out for these signs in the beginning stages to make sure that you’re not jumping into something which will cause a lot of headache.

Many hostesses and entertainers dream of being a model. Some of them are willing to do anything to reach their goals. If this is the case, I would try to stay away from them as their fame attempts might get your hurt.

Modeling is a very tough business, which means that models are also prone to do things that they wouldn’t necessarily like to. Usually you can tell this if you get close to her and have a meaningful conversation.

Many exotic dancers, dance because of the money but some of them are also prostitutes. You need to watch out for this as a relationship with a working girl is probably not the best idea.

You can identify these exceptions quite early and if they are present, do not jump into a relationship as it will only get you hurt.

Finally, another reason why these girls are safe to be with is because they despise men that hit on them at the work place. They are fed up with it and chances are they’re not going to hook up with any of them. This also makes things difficult for you, especially if you’ve only seen the girls at their work place but, this question was about relationships so I’ll leave the pick-up tips for another time. I hope this helps answer your question: Is it a good idea to date a woman that loves attention.

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Hope this helped,

Alex Matlock

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