Ask Pinstripe How do I pick the best wrist watch

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Ask Pinstripe: How do I pick the best wrist watch to wear?

Sean from Virginia writes to Ask Pinstripe.

Dear Ask Pinstripe, I have many watches but how do I pick the best wrist watch to wear?

1. First Timer?
If you’re making your first foray into the world of watches, find one fit for the daily grind. An everyday watch should be interchangeable with casual, semi formal, or office attire, with a simple interface that makes it easy to check the time. It should be constructed of a sturdy material like stainless steel, with mineral glass or sapphire crystal to avoid scratches, and should have a comfortable strap made from padded leather or a thick link steel bracelet. Quartz or Automatic Movements and a date display window make for easy and reliable instant info. The Cadence Ecomatic is a good example of this type of reliable everyday watch that can take whatever the day may dish out.


2. Show Your Style.
It’s great to have a watch that represents your interests. It may be classic cars, military history, computer programming, aviation, deep sea exploration, or old spy flicks….whatever you obsess over, there is a watch to make a subtle statement reflecting it. So while you may not actually be utilizing the functionality of a vintage divers’ chronograph to regulate your remaining oxygen while diving at depths of 120m, the sporty look of it definitely makes a statement and provides the features necessary to show that you are the adventurous type.


3. Going Somewhere?
Everyone should have a prized piece for those extraordinary and most often formal affairs in life, like weddings, black tie galas, ceremonies, and important business meetings. Classic style is key here, and a slim profile watch, both understated and bold in design will always compliment the tux. A black dial with high polished indicators or sub dials makes for a nice touch of flash, and a case in either gold or silver metal work just the same, but should match the metal in your cufflinks for sure! A great example of this style is the Baume et Mercier Classima 8850.


4. Bon Voyage!
If you frequent global beaches for pleasure or are constantly hopping from one metropolis to another for work, you should have a multiple time zone complication. This can be found in several variations, in both the display of a watches sub dials or a secondary hour hand, as well as in a rotating 24 hour bezel. My favorite watch for this purpose is the Lange 1 Time Zone.


5. Make It Count.
The investment watch should hold a special place in your heart. It’s an heirloom to pass through the family and something that should be kept in a safety deposit box when not being worn. Be sure to maintain the watch with all of its boxes and paperwork. For me, it is not necessarily the monetary value of the piece, as much as it is an absolute embodiment of myself in the form of a wristwatch. I would be an early 321 Caliber Omega Speedmaster, like this one.

Written by Dan Buerk
The Cadence Watch Company’s resident timepiece expert, has handled “hundreds of thousands” of watches throughout the course of his career. As Cadence’s official pre-owned watch buyer, he spends his time at Cadence curating vintage watches that have that “special something.”


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