Why did we break up: What went wrong? Top 10 reasons

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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We hardly write about apps since there are so many, but every now and then comes an app that catches our attention and WotWentWrong.com is just one of those. It’s the breakup app for couples who never broke up. Wouldn’t you want to know what went wrong when you’re dating someone, think you are hitting it off and then suddenly he or she stops calling you? What if you are in a relationship and then your partner breaks it off, what went wrong? Well, all you have to do now is download the app WotWentWrong, fill in a couple of questions and request feedback from a promising romance or first date who “just vanished.” Find out what did go wrong so you get closure and it doesn’t happen again.

Here are the Top 10 reasons why things went wrong:

– I’m not ready for a relationship 
– There’s someone else 
– I don’t feel like I’m a priority 
– Lack of punctuality 
– I don’t like your job 
– You’re married 
– Bad hygiene 
– You don’t make me feel attractive 
– You don’t pay for dinner when we go out 
– Lack of attraction


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