A Grooming Experience with Danny Kerr at SPIFF for Men

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Greg Sarway getting a trim from Danny Kerr

Greg Sarway getting a trim from Danny Kerr

Men’s grooming today is not the same as what your father use to know. Every year there has been a rise in men’s grooming products so places like Nickel Spa NYC and SPIFF for Men are two spots every man in New York should experience. If you are looking for a massage treatment, a facial and quick haircut then we suggest Nickel Spa NYC. However if you are looking for a traditional barbershop with a kicky experience then we suggest going to SPIFF for Men. They are located in midtown Manhattan, 750 3rd Avenue @ 46th Street and offer the quintessential experience for the modern man’s grooming needs. They offer one-stop shopping for all your traditional barbershop services like haircuts, straightedged shaves and shoeshines. They also offer hot towel treatments, waxes, manicures and pedicures and yes guys… I received a manicure and pedicure and I must say I loved it and would definitely do it again!

I sipped on some whiskey and watched TV while getting groomed.. You will be happy to know SPIFF for Men also has complimentary WiFi service, flat-screen TVs, coffee, cappuccinos and select beverages for your comfort and convenience. They will always make sure your services are completed in a timely fashion. I know for myself I didn’t want to leave.

We had a chance to sit down with Managing Partner-Stylist Danny Kerr and asked him a few questions about SPIFF and how he got started.

When did you start cutting hair?
Danny: I started cutting hair in 1989. I graduated from College in 1985, I thought I would be a psychiatrist but I didn’t feel like going back to school. At the time, my girlfriend was going to beauty school and asked if I would like to give the beauty industry a shot. So, I gave it a shot, and I never looked back.

How do you perfect your skills?
Danny: I was fortunate that the school I went to was rated one of the best barber schools in the nation. I had a jump start of other people coming out of school. The first eight months out of school, I worked on a military base. This helped me learn precision and quick cutting. We used to bang out an average of 55 haircuts a day. I’d get home, and couldn’t raise my arms from being so sore. I was later offered a job by a celebrity barber, Jerry Mayfield to work in his shop. He said he liked my style and wanted to go ahead and assist me with further training. I’ve also picked up techniques and perfected skills by working under several well-known stylists in California and in New York.

What were you doing before SPIFF?
Danny: I used to own a salon in La Jola, California and Anchorage, Alaska. Sold them in 2000. I was bouncing around the east coast and at the advice of a family friend, I decided to move to New York. I took a job offer with the salon, John Allans where I rapidly moved up to Creative Director of the Saks location.

When and how did SPIFF come to exist?
Danny: Me being my impulsive self, decided that I no longer wanted to work at John Allans and left without a back up job. I had the idea to open up another salon. All I needed was someone to help me open it. I met Greg Sarway through a mutual friend who I heard wanted to put up a men’s grooming salon. I contacted him and we created SPIFF.

What makes you different from any other male spa/salon?
Danny: In most men’s spas, they concentrate on spa services, and a haircut is just another service that is thrown in a corner. Here at SPIFF, however, we understand that men get their haircut more often which allows us to expose more men to spa services. Our focus is cutting hair and introducing men to other spa services. We’re about a grooming experience.

Have you provided service to anyone famous?
Danny: We’ve done numerous athletes and some celebrities here at SPIFF.

How would you describe SPIFF?
Danny: Here at SPIFF, we pride ourselves on being a full men’s grooming experience. We like to give the perfect cut, nails, and shoes, to maintain that perfect look.

What can our male readers expect from SPIFF?
Danny: Quality, convenience, consistency.


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