WTAPS x Vans Syndicate “V&W” Collection

Written by  Frank Mora-Lopez
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What seems to be another release from the consistent collaborative effort of WTAPS and Vans Syndicate, this under the label titled V&W. This collection carries a range of items from keys chains, heavy wool flannel jackets to a bandana, all which can be naturally worn together. The denim is heavily modified to achieve its worn look. Both flannel jackets appear to be made of heavy wool, while the inside features a soft thermal lining with the Vans logo through the inside of the garment. All with WTAPS subtle approach to refining and redefining classic designs. So with that in mind, quality and construction should not be a be an issue. Ranging approximately from $40-$650, V&W will be in select fine retail stores soon.
And remember as V&W put it, “For Waffle Lovers Only”.

–Frank Mora-Lopez


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