How to Put 30 mins of Walking a Day Into Your Life with Comfortable Sandals and Sneakers

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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During the winter we tend to stay indoors for extended periods of time and don’t get to exercise as much as we want. So many of us claim to not be able to find the time for exercise and let the day roll by without any at all. Here are simple ways to get at least 30mins of walking in per day, depending on your lifestyle this Spring.

Dr. Andrew Weil promotes walking as a means towards wellness. There is no other exercise as easy and available to virtually anyone and yet, just as effective as other cardiovascular activity both with immediate and cumulative results for improved mind body health.

Vionic by Orthaheel - Men’s Bryce

Vionic by Orthaheel - Men’s Bryce

Here are Dr. Weil’s (and Pinstripe Magazine’s favorites) for walking in style and comfort with his healing-oriented Spring/Summer 2012 Weil Integrative ( and Orthaheel ( collections featuring AMS Aided Motion System orthotic technology. The Weil Integrative and Orthaheel lines are targeted to provide a solid, supportive walking shoe that will help align your body, while you walk your way to health during the upcoming warmer months.

Kinetic Sandal

Kinetic Sandal by Orthaheel

City Dwellers: (10-15mins) Walk an extra five blocks to get to the next subway station closer to your destination or walk an extra five blocks in any direction to find a new lunch outlet. (Bonus: Potentially cheaper subway or lunch fare!)

Don’t want to wait for Spring to get your walking done?  Then we suggest getting a pair of Teva sneakers and start walking now. Based on Teva’s best-selling Mush flip flop, the new Mush Flyweight provides the same comfort and casual styling you expect from Teva, with a closed-toe design – Mush top sole molds to the shape of your foot, giving you the same feeling that you love in your flip flops

Mush Frio Lace Canvas in Teva blue

Mush Frio Lace Canvas in Teva blue

The lightweight and collapsible design make it ideal for all kinds of traveling too where luggage space is at a premium. Pick up a pair of sneakers or sandals from


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