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Written by  Marv Valladares
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Winter is fast-approaching so it is important to make sure that you are prepared with a wardrobe that is suitable for the colder months. Traditionally, finding stylish clothing fit for tall and bigger-built larger men could be a challenge, especially when shopping on a budget. However, clothing options for these men are growing online – such as the range offered by Jacamo’s Menswear, for example.

Here are some Jacamo winter essentials you may want to check out:

Jacamo Duffle Coat

Everyone needs an effective second skin during the colder months. This hooded duffle coat in black is the perfect investment for winter and will keep the elements at bay.

Ben Sherman Dressing Gown

It can get cold in bed at night, especially when snow is falling outside. This polyester dressing gown in navy comes with the Ben Sherman logo on the arm, and is great for wrapping up warm on a cold winter evening.

Jacamo collegiate Cardigan

This cotton cardigan in grey is perfect for achieving the ‘preppy look’ and can be worn over any shirt or top as an extra layer.

Scott & Woods Hoodie

This cotton hoodie in an eye-catching red can be worn at the gym, at home or anywhere for that matter, and provides a comfortable and casual alternative to a jacket.

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to undertake a complete overhaul of your existing wardrobe – you can simply replenish it. It is better to invest in good quality, versatile pieces that are easy to mix-and-match with other items, as this will get you more outfits for your money. The key here is to know your body shape and know it well. Be aware of the clothing designs that suit you and don’t deviate away from these styles. What might look good on one person doesn’t necessarily look good on another. Don’t let this put you off incorporating some of this season’s trends into your wardrobe, though. After all, fashion is there to be experimented with as long as you select from it carefully.

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