Statement for Fashionable Feet with Colored Laces

Just when you thought your shoes couldn’t get any fancier than they already are, check out Stolen Riches and its first line of premium dress laces.

With killer colours and styling metal tips, Stolen Riches laces give the sartorially obsessed and fashion agnostics alike, the opportunity to exercise their personal style and flare in a simple and unexpected way.

“Colour has never been more important. We wear pocket squares, cuff links, cheeky coloured socks, so why not add a hit of colour to our shoes too?” says David Barclay, Founder of Stolen Riches. “In these recessionary times we may not be able to afford a new suit or shoes however with the purchase of a pair of our laces you get a whole new look. Suddenly a plain old black suit with black shoes takes on a whole new look when paired with a pair of our Portsalon Red laces.”

“Shoelaces have been around since 3300 BC, and my family has been producing them since 1915, but almost entirely in brown or black,” says Barclay. “I thought it was time for that to change. After all, if shoes make the individual, then the laces make the statement.”

Stolen Riches premium laces are available online at and at select fine retailers. Colours include: Mission Blue, Folsom Black, Moville Green, Der Alte Burgundy, Gipper Brown, Portsalon Red, Buster Purple, Tiqui Orange, Dickie Blue, Isolar Silver, and the signature Gabelich Blue lace. The retail price for a pair of these exceptional laces is $14.50.

Shoes will never be basic again thanks to these premium dress laces. Let your feet do the talking and personalize your shoes with a blaze of Stolen Riches colour.

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Written by Pinstripe Magazine Staff

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