Artists 4 Israel Response Art Series Review

Written by  Pauline Saade
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On Thursday September 1st, 2011 Pinstripe Magazine had the pleasure of attending the Response Art Series which was held at the Dershowitz Center located in the heart of Brooklyn. The show was a result of a six month experiment in which all fifty artists attended debates, lectures, and pressing issues in Israel and the Middle East. As a result the artists transformed key emotional messages into unique works of art.

Throughout the vast gallery fifty artists exhibited seventy pieces that were meticulously selected by Shalom Gorewitz, Mel Alexenberg, and Dr Regina Khidekel. The paintings provided the viewer’s eye a combination of photography, sculptures, acrylic, oil, collages, installations, and most importantly a vocal message of cultural heritage and current political issues concerning Israel.

Several contemporary masters that I spoke to included Natalia Kadish, Roberta Millman-Ide, Clarisse M Frenkel, and Rosa Katzenelson. These talented artists truly embraced the persuasive powers of art to communicate across a wide audience. Their key message consist of cultural heritage and pressing social/political issues concerning Israel. One particular painting called Arm Yourself by Roberta Millman-ide delivered a message of strength by bringing together political, visual, and textual elements that make a reference to breaking through oneself and society with the voice of truth.

Other magnificent paintings I came across during the show were: the Eye of the dance and The lion of Av by Rosa Katzenelson. These images were full of energy and reminiscent of Joseph Mallord William Turner’s style. Rosa’s paintings are serene and composed with various vibrant brushstrokes. The passion and energy of Rosa’s paintings ooze with the scent of life, spiritual journey, and the mystical Jewish soul.

Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art is truly remarkable for providing artists the opportunity to exhibit such an inspiring show. I urge the community to support and visit the exhibition. In doing so, you will find yourself walking out culturally and creatively richer. Visit the for more information and to see when the exhibition ends.

Written by Pauline Saade


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