New Timbaland Song Featuring David Guetta and Pitbull With Photos by Raphael Mazzucco

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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Guys, I’m sure you have heard of Pitbull’s song Culo but if you haven’t you can see the video below. However, today Timbaland releases a never before heard new song named “Pass At Me” featuring David Guetta and Pitbull. Seems like Pitbull once again is involved in another sexy song which revolves around women’s ‘culo’, in other words ‘butt’. This is the first single from Timbaland’s upcoming album. The video for the song features work from famed photographer Raphael Mazzucco. The photos can also be seen in his upcoming book, Culo By Mazzucco, which comes out on November 22nd. Culo By Mazzucco is at the forefront of an emerging trend in art, fashion and pop culture in which the bottom (or culo in Italian and Spanish) is the new epicenter of female sexuality, desire, and empowerment, and this video will have a lot of people talking…and listening. Well, here at Pinstripe we got our hands on that exclusive video preview of the book—which just happens to be soundtracked by Timbaland’s track above—and, well, it doesn’t disappoint. Check it out below.

Exclusive Video: A First Look at Culo by Mazzucco from Jessica Glavin on Vimeo.


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