Skinning Animals for Shopping Pleasure of the Elite

Written by  Robert Moses
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Animal friends in every house and jungle tent in the world must be in horror shock over the sight of raccoon tails dangling below the waist of straight faced models during the runway fashion show at New York fashion week. It’s like a Disney nightmare come true – Thom Browne, a living male Cruella de Ville skinning animals for shopping pleasure of the elite.

Before we all fly to JFK with buckets of red paint in hand, it is worth noting that raccoon tails may or may not be real and most likely aren’t. Regardless of the convincing imitation of the tails, they attest the outlandishness of high fashion – more correctly referred to as haute couture. It’s a category of one-off, sumptuous and labor intensive fashion creations with prices exceeding most people’s bank account balance. As of now the category is reserved for women, though Thom Brown is giving haute couture a reason to extend itself to menswear.

His New York Fall/Winter 2010 men’s fashion collection stands true to the ethos of Thom Brown: cement-grey colored tailoring spiked with unconventional attitude and finishing touches. The chequered knee socks made visible by trousers reaching a few inches above the ankle are well familiar sights. Pleasures we can see in falling leafs and windy autumns is that whatever we have in the clothes can be put to good use unlike during summers when stinging sunrays prevent us to wear any more than one layers on our bodies. Dressing up is fun, and Thom Browne wants us to have even more fun wearing inconceivably unrestrained clothing that are guaranteed to turn the heads of men, children, women and raccoons.


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