IOS 5 Featuring Dashboard for iPhones and iPads

Written by  Robert Moses
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It seems that Apple is all set for new and better Widgets and notifications for its phones (iPhone/iPad) and tablet devices. But it appears that a new mapping system will have to wait.

Sources via TechCrunch provide all the details regarding the soon to be released Operating system for iPhones and iPads, IOS 5.

There was always a lot of speculative rumors that Apple would be releasing something big and vital at it’s Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco from June 6th to June 10th, and today we saw the release of the iCloud. So far, the iCloud doesn’t seem like something that will get Apple fans going ballistic, but like all their Applications and services, it requires time to build up a reputation.

Widgets are small floating windows that can be permanently left on, on majority of smartphones and tablets which help in receiving new feeds of the internet such as Weather and climate forecasts as well as headlines in the news. Android phones are a prime example. I still don’t understand why widgets have not been implemented in iPhones and iPads as they seem to make work a lot easier on my Samsung tab.

But then again, I’ve noticed that whenever Apple releases a new application for its devices, it uses a different and unique name to describe them, and in most cases these apps are not identical replicas of what they copy but rather are variations of them.

One thing that is obvious is that Apple tries to merge the feel of its computers and devices. At last year’s Developers conference, they said that they are taking back many of the IOS developments back to Mac.

The widget system in any Mac OS is known as a dashboard. This dashboard interface for mobile devices may have a separate space that users can swipe to. For example, one dashboard may have information regarding what is being rolled out with any upcoming releases of Mac OS. We’re excited and anxious to see Apple release IOS 5.

Apple also has been snapping up mapping technology companies recently. But 9to5Google reports sources that claim IOS 5 will stick with a Google Maps backend. Google Maps data underpins Apple applications and those of third-parties that use mapping services.

Apparently, Apple was rumored to have purchased a small company that produces notification apps for phones.


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