Get the Look: Street Style by Swagger New York on Gilt MAN

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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Gilt Man teamed up with street lifestyle site Swagger: New York to bring you a selection of looks inspired by real city dwellers’ street style. These trendsetters—all featured on Swagger’s website—mix Gilt’s favorite labels with accessories from their own closets to create looks that reflect their individual vibe. From shorts to suits, scoop necks to striped tees, these spring looks will get you ready to take style to the streets. Sale starts at Wednesday at noon. 

Swagger: New York is a hyper-local style site that keeps its global audience of fashion influencers up-to-date with the city’s pulsing street style and music. Sitting at the intersection of MTV and The Sartorialist, the site introduces users to NYC’s trendsetting scene through photos, music and video—think snapshots, interviews, and more, all rolled into one stylish, inspiring package. Considering its unique, energetic perspective, it’s really no surprise that the site’s a hit. Of course, 57k Facebook fans, press from WSJ, NYMag and Nylon, and massive hype from the global style community don’t hurt, either.


Javier above:
Given his look, it’s no surprise that Javier is knee-deep in the NYC fashion world. During the day, the twenty-something works for a high-profile fashion label, wearing expertly tailored trousers and custom-made shirts. But at night, Javy loosens up in shorts and a tank and throws in some wrist-accessories for good measure—he is into fashion after all.


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