How To Shave Your Lady’s Private Area

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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Shaving pubic hair

There is nothing worst than a woman with a jungle down there. When I’m going downtown on a woman I sure as hell don’t want to be searching for her vagina or most importantly her clitoris. So guys here are some simple rules to follow when shaving your lady’s private area. I prefer a landing strip or nothing at all but you can get as creative as you want.

First you need to have her agree to it. So what I recommend is to bring it up after sex in a playful manner. Tell her you want to experiment and see how she would look with no pubic hair down there. Or you can just take the brutal approach and tell her you simply don’t like all that hair in your mouth when giving her oral and that you want to shave it off for her.

If she agrees try to make her feel comfortable. Ok, time to start operating.

Begin by pulling out her best pair of manicuring scissors and make sure you haven’t had much alcohol to drink. The last thing you want to do is cut your poor woman. So before you start to shave, trim the hair a bit. Next, jump in the shower with her and take a warm bath or shower to soften the remaining pubes so they are easier to remove. Then, smear on some shaving gel or lotion, but be careful not to get any inside her vagina.

When you’re ready to start shaving her, make sure she is in a comfortable position. Tell her to lie on a towel with her legs spread or she can just stand in the shower with one leg on the edge of the tub. Make sure you use a new, i.e., sharp, razor and hold the area taut with the hand you don’t use to shave so the razor can glide easily. Now decide if you want a landing stripe, your initials or nothing at all and go for it.

Now that you are all done, rinse her and make sure she is all cleaned up. It’s time to have sex again. You know having your face all up in her private area is making you want to inspect some more so take her to the bedroom and do your thing.

Next time treat your woman to a spa and have her get a brazilian wax. You will be so happy you did when you see the results.

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