Top 10 Things About Men by Howard J. Fox, Author of The Truth about Men

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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Top 10 Things About Men by Howard J. Fox, Author of The Truth about Men

Top 10 Things About Men by Howard J. Fox, Author of The Truth about Men

Despite all the stuff we men do, learn, read and see we know that all men want to lead a great life. Sometimes all we need is support from someone else. Therefore Howard J. Fox, a men’s coach, lawyer, and author of the book, The Truth about Men, takes a look at what men have learned from the Men’s Movement-and offers a handbook to help men become better husbands, fathers and income-earners, lead more balanced lives, and succeed in romance.

Widespread programs to prevent violence toward women, and more consciousness about equality in the workplace are byproducts of the men’s movement as much as the women’s, but until now, advice on everyday family matters has been all too rare. That’s where The Truth about Men comes in. The book gives a succinct definition of what makes a good man-a character type that some would argue is all too rare-and Fox’s definition is likely to warm female hearts, since it includes listening to the woman in his life, making commitments, taking responsibility for fathering, even keeping the romance alive in relationships.The book also outlines the steps it takes for any man to become fully adult. The key, says Fox, is support from other men. “Women are usually in the forefront of encouraging men to be better,” says Fox, “but just as men will never really understand what it’s like to be a woman, only men can teach other men how to become a good man.” Fox makes a convincing brief for men’s weekends as the key to doing exactly that. “In a masculine environment,” he explains, “we father each other, support each other-and kick each other’s butts” (a welcome change for women tired of doing the same).

The Truth About Men:· Defines what it takes to be a good man – Can help any man to become one – Shows how men’s work saves marriages – Helps men define the code of honor by which they choose to live – Helps men to become better husbands, fathers, and wage-earners – Shows men the way to a happier and more fulfilled life.

After learning a bit from Fox, he has inspired us to open up a Men’s Club, The Pinstripe Group where men can be men and have support from other successful men. If interested in learning more e-mail us at comments{at}

Well, we had a chance to hear from Howard J. Fox and had him tell us the “10 true things about men”. Click on the next page to see what he had to say.

1. Men have emotions; we just don’t always know where we’ve put them.

2. Men talk with each other, but we’re also comfortable sitting together in silence.

3. The most important relationship a man has is with his father, the first and most important role model for the development of his own masculinity.

4. It is more important for a father to be respected by his children than to be liked by them; more important to raise them than to be their friend.

5. Men want to be heroes, but often don’t understand that just doing the right things – working, raising a family, contributing to society and being honest – makes us heroes.

6. Men don’t connect with their true spirit in offices and buildings – men experience total freedom outdoors, especially when engaged in challenging physical activities.

7. Each man needs a “cave” – a physical or mental space – to which he can retreat. After a time, he returns refreshed. It doesn’t mean he’s abandoning or ignoring anyone else.

8. Men compete with each other so each man can find his place among the men.

9. Men find their true nature when in the company of men.

10. A man achieves his highest calling when he discovers how to serve others.


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