The 4 Best Men’s Shoes in The World

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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Looking to update your shoe closet? Think shoes are just a woman thing? Well, think again! Most people can tell a lot about a man depending on the type of shoes he is wearing so Pinstripe will tell you which shoes to have in your closet so you can be a well-rounded man and know all the best men's shoes in the world. Remember of course to always feel comfortable too. 

1. Italian Shoes: As seen above, alligator lace ups with an elongated toe and low vamp (the top part of the shoe) are great for dressing up a tailored suit and/or making any outfit extremely dressy. 

2. English Shoes: British oxfords are consider a very classic piece of shoe to have and are a bit different than wing tips though always confused for them. These shoes can be worn with jeans to give your outfit a modern elegance or with slacks when going to work. Dress them up or down, it doesn't matter since oxfords are normally casual and comfortable. 

French shoes
3. French Shoes: The ultimate dress-up and elegant shoe! So for a nation known to produce the Citroën DS car, it just makes sense that French shoes look similar, long and narrow just like the car. However, the Citroën DS was styled by an Italian so we see why Italian shoes and French shoes are always considered a more formal shoe. 

American shoes
4. American Shoes: We can't leave out our own, the U.S. designed shoe, a clever fusion of European traditions. We have fancy shoes but Americans don't normally get really formal when it comes to shoes so that is why U.S. designed shoes are normally clean, classic sometimes casual and not so sleek. These are the shoes you always wear to work if in a corporate environment. So make sure you now own one of each shoe mentioned above so not only your closet would impress but you too will seem like a knowledgeable and sophisticated man. 

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