Ask Pinstripe Why do Bad Boys get all the Girls?

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine Staff
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Hello Pinstripe readers! My name is Dr. Evan Doess, a Sex Expert. I am a new member of the Pinstripe Family and from time to time will be answering questions you send me.

I’ve dated so many women from every culture and nationality and consider myself an expert when it comes to knowing why women act like they do and what triggers them sexually. I’ve also been in long term relationships and short ones and have easily held on to the relationships I’ve wanted and let go of the ones I didn’t want in the past. So, I would love to hear from all you men and women out there. Start sending me all your questions.

The first question we will be answering is from William all the way from Virginia.

Why Do Bad Boys get all the Girls?

Hello William.

Just like us men, we love the challenge and so do women, especially that sexy woman we all want. Yes you do have those women that love the funny, intellectual guys and usually they end up dating them for a long time, however, before you become that funny, intellectual guy you need to come across as a Bad-Boy. Most women love Bad Boys or men that seem like assh*les.

A majority of women think about sex more than men but just don’t like admitting it or acting on it like men do. Women try and act innocent so they don’t get judged by us or their friends on how sexual they really are. Keep reading the next page regarding to see women’s reaction in a study that was done .

We set up the same woman with two different guys, both really good looking with similar personalities. For the sake of anonymity, let’s called this woman Barbara. So, Barbara had told us that she was sick of men only wanting sex and talking to her about only sex, therefore we set her up with the first guy. His role was to be sweet and understanding.

They both went on a date and Barbara shared the same story with him, let’s call him Ron, on how men always just talked about sex. Ron was really understanding and really listened to her and by the end of the date they both agreed to go out again. The second date happened and Ron was such a gentleman and never really hinted anything sexual. The night was going so well that both of them ended up back at Ron’s place and in his bed. However, Ron had instructions from us to never do anything so nothing happened and both Barbara and Ron slept on each end of the bed. After texting one another a few times and a couple of days gone by, Barbara texted Ron that she was thinking about him and really liked him but didn’t feel any chemistry so would rather just be friends. William do you see what happened here?

Barbara agreed to go on another date with the second guy, let’s call him Steve. Again Barbara mentioned to the second date how men only talked about sex and seemed like that is all men wanted and that she was looking for a relationship. Well, during the date, Steve made subtle sexual comments about Barbara’s lips and her looks. Just like above the date went well and again they both agreed to go on a second date but Steve did say he would get back to her to confirm. However, this time Steve never called Barbara right away. Instead he waited to receive a text from her to actually go back out on a second date. The second date took place and just like the first one, Barbara ended up going back to Steve’s place. This time though as soon as they walked in through the door Steve took Barbara aggressively and started kissing her. Not one time did Barbara think, all men want is sex.

Now after the sex, Barbara did realized that Steve was also a funny and smart guy. Steve however, had to still act a bit distant in the beginning in order for Barbara to feel like something was wrong and for her to keep coming back.

So William, this is only one way of acting like a Bad Boy and actually getting that girl you started talking to and really want.

Everyone, Please send all your questions to comments {at)

Make sure to include your name and where you are from.


Dr. Evan Doess


5 Responses to Ask Pinstripe Why do Bad Boys get all the Girls?

  1. Nate
    Nate December 8, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Shut up Sean. The article is fine, maybe you’re just bitter because you’re a Ron and you always end up alone

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  5. Sean July 29, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Was this translated from Spanish to English? The writing is terrible! This should be the first and last article by Dr. Evan Doess.

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